Annual Exam

Annual Exam

Annual Exam services offered in Rockville Centre, NY

Scheduling an annual exam is one of the easiest ways to reduce your risk of chronic health problems, like high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease. At Elora Health and Wellness in the Rockville Centre neighborhood of Long Island, New York, experienced primary care provider Dr. Shakiraye Rookwood, DNP, FNP-BC, offers annual exams to patients 14 and older. Call the office today to request an annual exam for yourself or your child, or book online.

Annual Exam Q & A

What is an annual exam?

An annual exam presents an opportunity to check in on your general health. You don’t need to be sick or have symptoms to benefit. It’s a chance to meet with Dr. Rookwood and discuss steps you can take to improve your well-being.

How do I prepare for an annual exam?

To get the most out of your annual exam at Elora Health and Wellness, Dr. Rookwood recommends preparing the following:


Many people find visiting the doctor stressful. Writing down your questions or concerns beforehand can ease some of that anxiety and help ensure you get to talk with Dr. Rookwood about everything you want to.

List of supplements and medicines you take

The prescriptions, over-the-counter medications, and supplements you take affect your health in various ways. What’s more, certain drugs can have negative interactions. Dr. Rookwood can make adjustments to your medication schedule and dosage, as necessary.

Results from recent medical tests

Medical tests, such as previous bloodwork, X-rays, or blood pressure charts can provide valuable insights into your health. If you’re visiting Elora Health and Wellness for the first time, bring this information to share with Dr. Rookwood.

What happens during an annual exam?

An annual exam takes 45-60 minutes.

Dr. Rookwood weighs and measures you, takes your blood pressure and pulse, and listens to your breathing. Then, she asks about general health and lifestyle and completes a head-to-toe physical exam. 

Dr. Rookwood looks at your skin for moles and abnormal growths; feels your lymph nodes for swelling; gently palpates your abdomen to assess the size and location of your internal organs; and tests your reflexes. She also orders sex-specific screenings, such as a Pap smear or a prostate exam.

Depending on your age and health history, Dr. Rookwood might order lab testing, administer vaccines, update your prescriptions, or refer you to a specialist.

Do I even need an annual exam?

Visiting your primary care provider at least once a year is the best way to catch potentially serious health problems when they’re easiest to treat. Routine visits to Elora Health and Wellness can teach you the importance of eating well, exercising regularly, and taking steps to prevent age-related health problems.

Call Elora Health and Wellness today to schedule an annual exam, or book your appointment online.