Dr. Shakiraye Rookwood, DNP, FNP-BC

Dr. Shakiraye

Dr. Shakiraye Rookwood is a doctoral prepared, board-certified, Family Health Nurse Practitioner. She cares for people of all ages but specializes in ages 14 and older. Dr. Rookwood conducts primary care, women’s health, and sick visits. She has worked in the medical field for several years with experience in cardiology, women’s health, and family medicine. She has multiple degrees from SUNY New Paltz and Pace University from which she obtained both her nurse practitioner degree in family health and her doctorate from Pace University.

Dr. Rookwood’s vision is to provide access to patient centered quality care to the community and facilitate a collaborative environment between patient and provider.

Dr. Rookwood's core values are altruism, commitment, advocacy, and compassion. I have experienced that individuals desire to be led down the right path, but there are barriers to overcome before that can occur. I am responsible for facilitating that process through education, medication, redirection, or referral. When this process is completed with compassion it encourages a progressive and collaborative environment. These elements have been evident to help provide the best care and provide an opportunity for collaborative care.